TUESDAY NIGHT - 7:00pm to 9:00pm / $100.00 a month

The Ninja’s unarmed fighting system is based on the five elemental furies of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Celestial. From these elements, the Ninja learns to employ fighting techniques that utilize strength (earth), cunning (water), ferocity (fire), and dexterity (wind). By developing these four attributes equally, the Ninja gains the ability to adapt to situations by allowing the most effective element to emerge when needed (celestial). The unarmed fighting system itself maintains in-depth knowledge of Bone attacks, Muscle and Nerve attacks, Joint Locks, Throws, and Ground Fighting.

The Ninja must also learn to use every bit of knowledge about the arts of gaining a more dexterous body. Only by gathering all the information possible and constantly reviewing it can the Ninja increase their knowledge of the body and how to improve its strengths while minimizing its weaknesses. Ninja are taught to enhance their mobility and speed through the use of falls, rolls, leaps, handsprings, aerial flips, and specialized balance training.

There are four basic weapons taught to all Ninja. The Hanbo (short staff), the Tanto (knife), the Kusari Fundo (short chain) and the Kugi (throwing spikes). These four weapons are not only powerful self-protection tools, they also serve as a solid foundation for future weaponry training.

THURSDAY NIGHT - 7:00pm to 8:30pm / $100.00 a month


Almost every culture on the planet has a sword based fighting style, but none compare to the blade arts of Japan. Training with the Ninja sword is as much a spiritual path as it is a physical one. Perfecting ones skills in footwork, cutting, thrusting, parrying, blocking, and performing intricate fighting sequences both alone and with partners is a path that leads to grace and elegance in movement, lighting speed, and deadly precision.

Swordsmanship training is also about timing, rhythm, combative distancing, and complex strategies designed to hone the practitioners mind to be as sharp as their blade. As training advances, skills dealing with multiple attackers, group tactics, drawing techniques, twin sword skills, and a wide range of sword restrainment weapons are studied.



PRIVATE SESSIONS - Twelve 1 hour Sessions / $600.00

Weapon Mastery classes are about in-depth study of a single weapon for an extended period of time. The twelve training sessions (usually once a week for 3 months) provide the raw information, but the student will continue to refine and enhance these skills over the period of 1 year. The postures, movement drills, directions of attack, and other fundamental skills are further enhanced with advanced fighting techniques, combat strategies, two person fighting sets, and solitary forms.

Weapons available for study include Shurikenjutsu (throwing blades) Bojutsu (staves and clubs), Chotojutsu (halberds), Kusarijutsu (chains and flails), Kamajutsu (sickles and axes), Sojutsu (spear), Torinawajutsu (cord and nets). Fukidakejutsu (blowguns and darts), and Hankyujutsu (short bow and arrows). Beyond the primary weapons of these systems, there are dozens of sub-weapons that are also available, so it is important that the student meet with the instructor to discuss which specific weapon they are interested in learning.

Students are required to purchase all weapons and/or equipment necessary for their training as it is not included in the price of the instruction.

SPECIAL SEMINAR - August 14th 2016 / $100.00

Unlike any other martial art, the Ninjas training also delves in stealth, climbing, concealment, and many other specialized skills that transcend martial arts, making the Ninja a unique breed of warrior that is prepared to face situations far beyond the scope of mere physical confrontation.

Shadow camp gives a Ninja the chance to practice skills outside of the dojo. From year to year the content of the shadow camp changes so the Ninja is challenged with new situations. Silent walking, rappelling, rock climbing, invisibility, group tactics, archery, trap making, and survival skills are among the subjects covered.


The ARCANUM OF NINJA TACTICS is a series of books written by Ninja Master Mark Steven Grove that give a detailed account of the history, etiquette, philosophy, skills, and training methods of the Kurai Kotori Ninja.

The SHADOW MASTER series of DVD’s and CD’s demonstrate weaponry, unarmed self-protection skills, and spiritual practices.

The first of these products will be available third quarter of 2016.


Cover and illustrations from the book ARCANUM OF NINJA TACTICS: LEGACY OF THE NINJA